Joel Jay Lipton - President

Joel Jay Lipton

Miami FL


Joel Lipton was born on Miami Beach, Florida.  As a young boy he grew up swimming, snorkeling, diving, waterskiing, fishing, and sailing.  He attended many boat shows with his family in South Florida.  This is where his lifelong passion for boating was born.



For the last ten years Joel has been a successful yacht broker.  From 2009 thru 2011 he was the president of the largest yacht brokerage firm in the United States. In 2011 Joel became a dealer for Prestige Yachts along the East coast of the United States. During the recession of 2011 he and his team sold ten new Prestige Yachts.


He has tremendous knowledge of construction and design of yachts and sport fishing boats.  He has owed many different boats.  He has visited at least sixty five factories worldwide to study the boat building process and sea trial various yachts.



Joel remarks that “This business is about exceptional customer service”.  Establishing a good working relationship is Joel’s ultimate goal with his clients. When constructing a new boat, making repairs, or servicing an existing vessel, the process requires honesty and clear communication between all parties.  As a boat owner he is aware of the financial concerns with yacht operations and ownership.  He states that “A boat is a depreciating asset on the owner’s balance sheet.   Maintaining it's value is of paramount importance”.



Joel is aggressively professional when representing a vessel he has listed for sale.  “Yachts must be marketed, they just don’t sell themselves”.  Communicating both the good and the bad features of a particular boat are necessary in representing the vessel. When acting as an agent for a purchaser, Joel looks for good value when purchasing a boat.  He spends a lot of time evaluating the true worth of the vessel.  He works tirelessly inspecting and surveying a boat before he recommends it to his prospective purchaser.



Joel is enthusiastically waiting to assist you in realizing a wonderful yachting experience.  Give him a call!