Aegis Unsinkable Boats is singularly focused on striving to produce the safest boats possible. The word Aegis means "a protector or a shield" and signifies our commitment to safety. Our logo serves to further reinforce that dedication to safety by depicting the silhouette of a boat contained inside of a shield.


The foundation of what makes every aegis unsinkable boat so safe and sets us apart from almost every other boat manufacturer in the world is the pressure foam filled construction of our hulls. The boats are built using the molds that were purchased from the liquidation auction of the assets of mckee craft and the hull designs are extremely well proven since over 30,000 boats were produced from those molds for a wide variety of recreational, military, law enforcement, fire department and commercial customers.


The construction process involves injecting each boat with a rapidly expanding foam mixture that bonds every square inch of the underside of the deck structure to every square inch of the hull. The molds actually have to be surrounded with heavy steel cages in order to withstand the heat and pressure involved with this manufacturing technique. The result is a unified structure that provides outstanding ride characteristics, is incredibly strong and greatly reduces any opportunity for the boat to flex or rattle. Most importantly, the boat ends up with a level of foam that far exceeds coast guard requirements and will remain floating even if cut in half.